Many different laboratory tests were carried out to certify the numerous qualities of the panels.

Sound proofing
Double Panel

  • PCD 14 – Rw = 50 dB

Single Panel :

  • PCS08 Traditional plaster and drywall finich – Rw = 55 dB
  • PCS16 Traditional plaster finish – Rw= 47 dB
FREQ (HZ) 100 125 160 200 250 315 400 500 630 800 1000 1250 1600 2000 2500 3150 4000 5000
R(db) 27.3 31.1 36.7 35.8 36.7 37.6 37.6 32.4 28.8 33.7 36.8 38.3 38.5 41.0 45.6 51.1 54.6 59.1
Fire resistance test
  • PCS08 - EI92 – E120 (airtight – isolation)
  • PCD155+5 -EI240 – E240 (airtight-isolation)
Thermal transmittance

One of the most important panel system features is the high thermal insulation.
The position of connectors is punctual and it doesn’t represent a problem therefore in terms of thermal conductivity. The joint metallic connectors are 40 per m2 with 3 mm diameter, and surface ø3 = 0.07 cm2, in percentage they represent less than 0.03% of the surface of the panel.
However, a test pilot demonstration of the minimal influence of the connectors has been carried on, the values follow: Up = 0,58 W/m2K

Mechanical resistance

The failure loads highest supported by the test:

Single Panel PCS12 Single Panel PCS12 Highest Breaking Load on specimens Floor Single Panel PCSS08
21411 daN 21798 daN 1960 daN
Static load test on a single floor panel 12 cm

The load test was carried out gradually until reaching the collapse of the slab, corresponding to a rated load uniformly distributed load acting on the portion of the Floor of 2000 Kgf / sq. The load was achieved by the progressive filling a water tank with dimensions in plan of 300 cm x 300 cm and height 200 cm.

Mechanical resistance tests:compression

Numerous tests of centered and eccentric compression have been performed on single panels with different thickness In the Laboratory of the Marche Polytechnic University. The maximum compression load was 70 t, 23 t with a safety factor 3. Therefore only considering the axial pressure, the structure will be able to support an exercise load for a building of 6 storey;

Tipo di rottura Instabilità Flessionale
Car. Max 701,2 kN
Acc. Max (retro) 7,92 mm
All. Max (fronte) (retro) 2,14 mm
Spos. Lat. Max 18,59 mm
Missil test
The Single Panels successfully passed the missile tests with estimated wind speeds around 320 km/h -200 mph
Test Results

panel PCS08 cement plaster thickness of 3.5 cm each side, 112×100 cm, after 28 days is subjected to the soft pile shock of 50 kg with impacts of 900 and 1200 j NO CRACKS

Two panel PCS08 cement plaster thickness of 3.5 cm each side, 112×100 cm. After 28 days are subject with pressure of 500 kPa at 1.0 m distance. After 3 hours it is possible to see the probable penetration of water in the panel connection. NO PENETRATION