Fire Resistance
Sound Proofing
Thermal Insulation

ACIA Housing is the new company from ACIA Group specialized in manufacturing innovative construction systems based on special panels.
The company develops new construction systems to meet the contumely increasing requirements in terms of sound proofing, thermal insulation and safety conditions on buildings.

The concept

It’s one of the best constructive systems in term of performance. It’s provides a considerable gain in time.
This system is suitable for intensive housing needs. It’s unique, polyvalent, light weighing, offering strength and insulation in the same time.

The constructive system:

It’s a new industrial constructive system developed in Europe, and used in many countries around the word.
The ACIA PANEL system consists of expanded polystyrene elements (E.P.S.) sandwiched between two mats of welded wire mesh. The polystyrene sheets could be plain or shaped.
The mats of wire mesh are connected by 33 connectors per m2 realising a 3 dimensional hyperstatic reinforcement steel.The panels are assembled at site then finished with concrete blasting or/and pouring on each side.

The system consists basically of 4 elements:

  • The single panel
  • The double panel
  • The high strength panel
  • The roof panel