Technical assistance

A team from the company is dedicated to the technical assistance; this team studies the projects and structures of new projects or to adapt the system to existing projects. They also work to establish all necessary drawings for the manufacturing process and on site mounting of the panels.
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The system needs a linear foundation which could be done by a continuous concrete footing or any kind of foundation according to the geotechnical characteristics of the ground .


Walls plotting

Plotting the position of the inside and outside walls using a measure or other similar tool.


Installation of rebar anchors

Anchor bars are normally inserted before the pouring of the foundation. Alternatively it is possible to drill holes in the existing slab and then anchor the bars with an approved system.


Installation of the panels

Thanks to their lightweight, a single operator can easily lift and place the panels where required. This is another factor that contributes to the labor savings compared to traditional techniques.



The falseframes are mounted on the openings cut according to the requirements linking the anchor steel to the wire mesh of the panel.


Control and checking

Immediately after the placement of the panels, the perfect linearity and verticality of the walls is checked and ensured.


Preparation for electrical and plumbing

A hot-air gun or torch is used to create channels in the polystyrene for the placement of switch boxes, electrical conduits, cables, pipes, etc.


Installation of the floor panel with the lattice girder

Once the floor panels are placed, supported by the walls and from below, any necessary additional steel reinforcement is installed and the concrete is poured. The lattice girders are suitable for this application as reinforcement steel they will be incorporated in the intended locations on the floor panels.


Application of shotcrete

Both sides of the walls of the Single Panel are sprayed with shotcrete and subsequently finished with plaster


Floor pouring

Once the reinforcement steel is place, we proceed with the concrete pouring of the superior part.



Complete the construction with finishing works ; of painting, woodwork etc.