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Single ACIA Panel (SAP)


SAP (Single ACIA PANEL) It is a panel made of expanded polystyrene (E.P.S.) between two steel wire mesh mats joined with steel wire connectors, the shotcrete is applied to both sides on the worksite. The shape and thickness may vary according to the needs.


  • Bearing walls for building
  • Partition walls
  • Concrete fences
  • Roofs


  • Fire resistance: M1
  • Material type: (F) auto extinguishing
  • Sound transmission class: 38dB
  • Thermal conductivity factor: K. (see table below)
Panel K(W/m2° C)
SAP 40 0,769
SAP 50 0,636
SAP 60 0,543
SAP 80 0,420
SAP 100 0,342
SAP 120 0,289
SAP 150 0,234
SAP 190 0,187

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